Background Checks & Public Records with BeenVerified

If you’re at, then you’re probably interested in running a background check and trying to decide which company is right for you. People run background checks for various reasons and our testimonial page gives you real stories from amongst our 100,000+ subscribers who use our services to answer questions about people or themselves. Here’s why our easy, fast, affordable and responsive service is right for you. Searching through public records for information used to be very difficult. While governments were required to maintain some public records and many private organizations maintained public records as well, they did not make it easy to search that information. Many times access to this information was limited to those with enough money to pay to access big databases. In fact, even after the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, public agencies are required to allow access to public information, but can still limit how, where, and when to provide that access! What this has meant in the past is that background checks could require people to visit multiple websites and even make in-person visits to courthouses and other government buildings to compile information. BeenVerified simplifies accessing public records. We aggregate public record information from multiple sources, providing a one-stop background check service.

Other background check services may offer a similar one-stop approach to background checks, but the reports they provide may be confusing and not help you understand what they mean. They may also provide multiple reports for a single person, making it difficult to understand the timeline of activity. Our reports are consolidated and offer data from multiple sources. See the BeenVerified difference. With subscription plans starting at less than $10/month, free apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, and subscription plans that offer access to multiple levels of reports, BeenVerified offers a variety of affordable ways to engage in background reports. We even offer specials and limited time pricing that can get you access to background checks for incredibly low prices. What this means is that our monthly subscription cost is frequently lower than what many of our competitors charge for a single background report. You aren’t limited to a single search or required to pay per search. Because many people look into background reports to find out information about a specific person, the idea of running multiple background searches may seem like too much of a good thing, until you stop to consider many of the reasons why people choose to run background searches. Newly single or trying out online dating for the first time? You certainly want to have multiple dating options respond to your profile, and having the ability to run multiple searches gives you the opportunity to check out multiple new partners prior to dating. Contemplating a move? Unlimited background checks give you the ability to check out potential new neighbors before you commit to purchasing a new home. offer a wide variety of services, some of which can literally be completed within seconds. Our software program provides speedy access to public records that are available online so that many searches can be conducted in just a few minutes. That we’re usually speedy does not mean we cannot help you get access to public information that is not available online. For example, there are times when some of the information you seek might only be available through in-person searches at courthouses and other public record information depositories. We provide in-person researchers to access that information. Obviously, those searches may take longer and how long will depend upon the rules and guidelines determining when people can access those records. However, the majority of our customers are able to conduct and complete the majority of their searches in a mere fraction of the time it would take to conduct one’s own online background search.

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