Clinch Gear Performance Training, MMA & Wrestling Gear

Clinch Gear

Founded in 2003, Clinch Gear began with a mission to create the best training shorts in the world – shorts that could stand up to the incredible demands of high-intensity sports like MMA and wrestling.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction received to the first Clinch Gear shorts, they decided to expand the line to include tech tops, rash guards, compression shorts, footwear and gear. Since then, Clinch Gear has become recognized as the brand that designs the best products for athletes who incorporate high-intensity training into their workouts.

Developing the best training gear in the world always starts with input from a roster of world-class athletes… athletes who make high-intensity training a part of their everyday lives.

Clinch Gear talk to our professional MMA fighters, Olympic wrestlers, All-American collegiate athletes, professional football players, world-class rugby players and cross fitness athletes for insight into what they need to reach their goals. The result? Product that meets and exceeds the functional demands of the highest level of athlete.

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