eMeals – Meal Planning Made Simple


eMeals is largest online meal planning service in America with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. It’s become THE digital meal planning solution that provides healthy and delicious dinners for busy families and individuals.

Weekly emails include healthy, easy-to-recipes including entrees and side dishes. There’s lots of variety with meal plan options like Clean Eating, Paleo, Kid Friendly, Low Calorie and Budget. There are more than 15 food styles from which to choose. There are even plans specifically designed to be shopped at your favorite grocery store.

New recipes are sent each week through email or the free eMeals smartphone app, including a dynamic shopping list organized by grocery store section to match that week’s dinner menus. The grocery list synchs directly to the smartphone app, saving even more time and money at the store.

Endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey and highlighted in the Oprah Winfrey blog, eMeals takes the guesswork out of dinner and saves you time and money.

Working with a talented team of professional meal planners, experienced home cooks and technical gurus, eMeals was developed to feed their families and preserve sanity. Hundreds of thousands of relationships later, eMeals have built a way to make moms’ lives easier — and to bring families together at mealtime.

Achieve your health objectives and spend more time with your family and friends over a variety of home-cooked meals—all for less than $6/month!

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