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At Look.com, they’ll help you outfit your kid in the clothes you love and the clothes they love, without all the dressing room drama. Whether you’re bundling up baby in the coziest styles, helping your 7-year-old rock the rainbow in striped tights and polka dots, or exploring edgier looks with your 12-year-old, we’re the first place to go to meet everyone’s needs (and styles).

With fast, Free Shipping at $49 you can’t go wrong! Your daughter just can’t wait for that sparkle-studded hoodie. Good thing she doesn’t have to. We deliver in just 2 days or faster, and for free at $49+.

From classic names like Carter’s and Keds to boutique labels like Pink Chicken and Splendid, you’ll find over a hundred brands in our virtual closet. Once you’ve shopped with us, we’ll suggest brands we think you’ll love, and show you more bestsellers trending on our site.

In 2005, best friends Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara started Diapers.com with a simple idea – to make life easier for new parents. They worked nights and weekends and enlisted a friend with her own family to answer customer calls and fulfill orders from her suburban garage. But there was one huge obstacle: most major manufacturers wouldn’t sell their products to a start-up. So, using their personal credit cards, they rented trucks and headed to wholesale stores up and down the Eastern Seaboard to buy diapers, wipes and formula in bulk.

Marc and Vinit opened a formal office in Montclair, New Jersey, in 2006, and the following year hired their first full-time employee. By 2009, the company was renamed Quidsi (meaning “what if” in Latin). Over the course of just a few years, Quidsi had added Soap.com for health, beauty and household essentials; BeautyBar.com, a luxury beauty destination; Wag.com, a pet specialty site; YoYo.com for toys, books, and games; Casa.com for decor & home products; VineMarket.com for natural and organic groceries; AfterSchool.com for kids’ sports and activities; and Look.com for kids’ clothing. Customers now had a seamless way to shop for everything they needed with one shared cart and easy checkout.

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