Matix Clothing – Surf and Skate Action Sports Apparel


Matix Clothing Company is rooted in the heart of Los Angeles, California. We have grown up in the skateboarding and surfing cultures and this is what we know. This lifestyle is brought to fruition through the clothing that we make. Everyday is an adventure and every weekend is a trip.

Matix was founded by pro skateboarders Daewon Song and Tim Gavin, tired of clothes disintegrating upon contact with concrete. Since 1998, all Matix garments are designed and constructed for durability.

Never ones to be closed-minded, Matix has also naturally embraced the likes of surf and snow talent as family members equally dedicated to the cause of progress. With this in mind, team members like Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, and Gabe Kling all actively inspire the Matix styling. Marc Sweaters tested the bounds of color theory, Ashers redefined fleece construction, and Matix denim maintains the roots of quality and the integrity.

The brand is marketed to young men ages 15-30, but is worn by men of all ages that appreciate timeless styling combined with quality fabrication.

Let your creative sense take hold and explore new paths. In the end our goal is to create something unique for those who share this common bond.

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