S.A. Company Saltwater Fishing Apparel


Salt Armour has traveled quite the road to get to where we are today. Tom DeSernia is the company’s Founder and CEO and, more importantly, the heart and soul behind the brand that has managed to challenge the fishing norms and push the limits in the fishing apparel business. Salt Armour has quickly grown into a multimillion dollar company that is on track to shatter every fishing industry record. But how has this happened? How did Salt Armour become the “it” brand of fishing clothes and fishing shirts that it is today?

Tom’s passion for fishing paired with a unique entrepreneurial talent is what has brought Salt Armour its quick, yet well warranted success. His journey began, however, with a humble nature and an understanding of sport fishing. With a mix of creativity as well as trial and error, Tom patented the “Gimbal Cover”, which soon became the spark for Salt Armour.

Today, Salt Armour is known as a lifestyle fishing apparel brand that supplies anglers with everything that they need to make the most out of their fishing trips. Sporting the Salt Armour shield reveals the passion that lies within every angler, but it goes beyond just that. Being on the Salt Armour Team means more than wearing a logo, it means a shared connection of anglers across the globe who are bonded by a love of fishing.

With our SA team extending far beyond the United States, it’s no surprise our fishing apparel brand is triumphant amongst its competition. Mr. Salt Armour himself, Tom, speaks about his vision stating, “I have always had a love for business and knew that one day I was going to own a global brand.” That day is here.

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