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Sebamed is a brilliant product, small, but efficient. It’s a cleansing bar but this little cleansing bar would forever change dermatology, skincare and millions of lives.

Before Dr. Maurer invented soap-free cleansing to meet the unique need of patients with skin disorders, those patients had to make a painful decision: either use soap and suffer irritation, or don’t use soap and sacrifice good hygiene. There was no safe alternative, no effective way to cleanse. But after years of research and dedication, the science had finally spoken. Maurer had finally found a better way.

Heinz ended up discovering the importance of the acid mantle, our skin’s slightly acidic natural barrier. It turns out that this barrier protects us from disease-causing bacteria and pollutants. On the one hand, soap and harsh cleansing products tear down the acid mantle like a building in demolition. On the other, cleansers that are free of soap and matched to the skin’s pH at 5.5 actually reinforce it. He saw skin for the structure that it is, innately capable of healing itself when supported by this perfect pH level.

Heinz held up the very first cleansing bar in his lab that day in 1968, realizing that this was the beginning of better living for countless people; aware that this first solution was a gigantic first step in what would become Sebamed.

Decades later, it’s clear that Dr. Maurer’s discovery and consequent invention have met an international need for gentle, science-based solutions. Sebamed now helps millions of people with skin disorders in over 85 countries across the world. Today, we’re inspired to continue inventing groundbreaking collections of sensitive skincare products.

Because Sebamed have a passion for bettering the lives of skincare patients. And they know that the science behind our products makes that happen every day.

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