Tips on Finding Shoes for Women

Womens Shoes

You are looking at your sad shoe collection and decide that you want and need to buy more shoes. In fact you don’t need a sad shoe collection to buy new ones :) Finding shoes for women has become a sport, a luxury, an escape and some fun.

From boots to dress shoes to tennis shoes for when you go running, you need them all and of course the cheaper the better. Learning tips and tricks about how to shop and what to look for in each type of shoe, whether it is a name brand or not, can be essential in helping you buy the right pair of shoes.

Things that you may not have even considered come into play when buying your new shoes. Here are some tips and tricks on what to buy and what not to buy.

Womens Running Shoes

If you are a beginning runner or even an advanced runner, there are all kinds of running shoes out there. There are those running shoes that are heated in the winter months and even those that are cooled to the feet after long hours of running, that helps keep your body in balance.

Remember the most essential thing for any running shoe is that it has enough cushion to protect your feet. The running shoe must be able to protect the foot while it comes into contact with grass and dirt, cement or other types of running surfaces that are difficult on the bottom of your feet.

The running shoe should have enough padding within the shoe to help protect your feet as you run. There should also be enough rubber sole on the bottom of the running shoe to make sure that your feet are buffered from the hard running surfaces.

Running shoes for women should also be adaptable for any surface, as you may run on the beach, on the hard cement, in grass or in dirt. Also, make sure that the string up or velcro section of your running shoes is able to keep your feet in place and secure as you run.

Boots for Women

It is the winter months and you realize that you are in need of a great pair of boots. While many women will opt for style, there are other things that should be considered as you buy your boots.

Think about your wardrobe and the clothing that you will be wearing with your boots. Make sure that the boots are able to blend in with each pair of clothing. Usually, most women will have a great pair of black boots, whether leather or suede, navy blue and brown to cover all of their bases within their wardrobe. These colors will go with any type of wardrobe.

Also, the style of boot should be considered. A lot of women like the thigh high boots however, if you are a shorter person, this may not be a good look for you. Thigh high boots are the longer boot and meant for the longer leg. For a shorter person, the thigh high boot may look odd because it comes farther up the leg than it should. Most great boots will come just under the knee and make you look taller than you are. Also, if there is a small or taller heel, on the boots, for a shorter person, this will also add length to your height, while making the boot stand out.

Whatever your choice, ensure that your boots are comfortable and that they fit your personality.

Cheap Shoes

Your wardrobe is in desperate need of great pairs of shoes, but you don’t want to pay full price. There are many ways to get cheap shoes for women if you really don’t want to pay full price.

One of the first things to do is to go to the sale aisles of stores. There are always great sales happening year round on shoes at department stores and with their volume you’re likely to find shoe sales to suit your needs. Again think about what kinds of shoes will blend well with your wardrobe.

There are also places like the Goodwill where you can buy great shoes at a small fraction of the price. Many of the shoes there are less than ten dollars and you can find some great buys.

Another way to get cheap or free shoes is to visit a church or another organization that is giving away free clothing and shoes to the public. You will be surprised what people are throwing away that would look great with your wardrobe. And going to affluent areas in your city where there are garage sales is another way of getting great cheap shoes of high quality.

Dress Shoes

If you are looking for great dress shoes, think about what fits well within your wardrobe.

Dress shoes are so varied, from the pump to pretty sandals, to other types of dress shoes. Most people again, if they can only afford a few dress shoes, stick with the basic black, navy, brown and maybe a white pair. This gives you the option to blend your wardrobe with your new dress shoes.

Some women want name brand shoes and look for the priciest of dress shoes. Some prefer designer shoes cheap enough to buy several pairs. Make sure that the heels on your dress shoes are secure as you will be walking on it daily. Also, make sure that the padding inside the shoe is comfortable to the bottom of your feet.

Great dress shoes stand out on your feet while offering style, personality and protection.

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