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Half Price Drapes is in a business of Ready Made Curtains & Custom Draperies operating in the Bay Area since 2005. Over this time we have built a clientele of over 50,000 extremely satisfied customers from all over the country and overseas. Our clientele ranges from designers in Washington DC to restaurants in the Bay Area to individual home owners all over the nation.

What makes us unique is that we weave our own fabric, create our own embroidery patterns, and manufacture our own curtains & drapes. We have a 15,000 sq. ft. workshop where a dedicated staff of seamstresses manufacture quality standardized and custom curtains & drapes. Hence, we can eliminate all mark-ups and provide high-end luxurious customized curtains & drapes at a cost that is unmatched. That is why we are proud to call ourselves Half Price Drapes.

We have a team of professional designers that keeps abreast of the latest trends, colors, patterns, and styles to ensure that you have the most current choice of fabrics to select from. Since we weave our own cloth, we are constantly introducing new designs. As a result, we have an extremely high rate of repeat customers who are looking for a change or upgrade.

Our beautiful fabric can be tailored in many different Header Styles from pole pockets to inverted pleats and goblets. That’s not all, if you have a specific design in mind, let us know and we will customize the fabric to your specifications.

We keep a stock of standardized curtains in our workroom which can be shipped within 48 hrs of placing an order. Most of our custom curtains & drapes are shipped to you within 3-4 weeks of ordering.

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