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Sears PartsDirect has Appliance Parts, Replacement Water Filters, Lawn & Garden Repair Parts

Sears PartsDirect

Sears PartsDirect is your online access point for repair parts and accessories from every major brand – regardless of where you bought them.

From spare parts for electronics to lawn and garden equipment, Sears PartsDirect offer genuine parts from the original manufacturers, all backed by the Sears Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sears PartsDirect has more than 7 million parts and accessories from more than 450 manufacturers and we offer more than 750,000 product schematics to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s a very high change Search PartsDirect know your products.

If you ever find an issue with a major appliance in your home, search the Sears PartsDirect site before you contact anyone else. Most often than not you’ll find some useful information to help you resolve any issues you may have or you will be pointed in the right direction. With so much money spent on appliances these days, and with them being used so often, knowing how to locate spare parts and resolve any appliance issues is an important factor.

If you’re an avid gardener then Sears PartsDirect stocks many garden products and parts including garden hose, tap timers, sprinklers, hand sprays, drip and fixed watering systems to name a few.

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Appliance Parts Discount Appliance Parts for your dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer, washer, microwave and more

Appliance Parts Pros pride themselves on not being an average company with average employees who give average service. The everyday goal is to deliver outstanding customer service provided by knowledgeable employees who are pros in the appliance business which should in turn make life easier for you! got off to a humble start in 1999 after founder, Roman Kagan, had spent several years as a sales agent in a large wholesale appliance parts company in Southern California. In sales, Kagan noticed two important things:

  1. A large percentage of people buying appliance repair parts were not professional repairmen, but rather homeowners looking to save time and money by doing the job themselves.
  2. There was a general unwillingness for parts companies to help with technical advice.

Today, has helped nearly 3 million people repair their appliances and is a thriving business with more than $35 million in annual sales.

However, Kagan isn’t resting on his laurels. Rather, he is pouring more time and resources into making the company and website even more responsive to customer needs. At, know that customer service isn’t just a department.

Outstanding customer service is the single most important thing that offers. A goal they have is to think like a customer service company that also happens to sell appliance parts. They listen, identify problems, understand concerns, ask questions and resolve issues. strive to make appliance repair easy with straightforward and honest answers, regardless if customers buy their parts, because they want to help you resolve the disruption of a broken appliance as painlessly as possible.

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