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The Blood Pressure Cure


Revealed inside: Unknown risks of popular blood pressure treatments and a surprisingly common, all-natural kitchen ingredient that can help.

If you use blood pressure medication — you have less than 50/50 chance you’ll get any better.

And believe it or not, that’s actually the good news!

Among the estimated 68 million Americans who have elevated blood pressure — about 70% of them use blood pressure medications.

Yet among those 47 million people, the American Society for Hypertension has reported that just 42.9% reduce their blood pressure to a level that’s healthy.

If you’re lucky enough to get your blood pressure down with these drugs — you can probably expect many side effects.

And it’s worse if you’re over 60!

Excessive blood pressure lowering with medication can dangerously prevent adequate blood flow to the heart — leading to cardiac arrhythmia
and sudden cardiac death.

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Pure Formulas Health Supplements & Vitamins for Sale

Pure Formula

If you were to walk through Pure Formulas’ doors, you’d meet a group of fun-loving people motivated by passion. Pure Formulas push to reach their goals while playing practical jokes and share laughs while trying to break our own shipping speed records. We might even play a Ping Pong match in the warehouse.

Maybe it’s the sunny South Florida climate, the healthy living or the mix of cultures we represent, but we enjoy working hard and having fun. Does it show?

Pure Formulas don’t mind being the little guy in the industry either and have no plans to become a mega retailer. They’re small, but mighty in terms of service, products and principles. And they expect you to hold them to their principles too.

Pure Formulas promise to listen to you and to provide pure, high-grade products that support your health and lifestyle. They also promise to act responsibly in choosing products, pricing them and storing them.


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  • 65% of orders come from repeat customers
  • 99.9972% of orders are shipped error-free
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