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John Varvatos – Designer Men’s Fashion

John Varvatos

John Varvatos is a brand that occupies a unique place in the landscape of American design. It unites old world craftsmanship and refined tailoring with modern innovations in textiles and a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility. Launched in 2000 with a collection of tailored clothing and sportswear, the brand now represents an entire lifestyle that includes belts, bags, footwear, eyewear, limited edition watches, luxury skincare and fragrances, as well as the younger, edgier John Varvatos Star U.S.A. collection and Converse by John Varvatos.

From the very beginning, John Varvatos infuses his namesake collection with a creative spirit and intrinsic edge so recognizably his own. In his own words, he designs the line for “a guy who appreciates beautiful fabrics and great details, without being too over-the-top.” The signature Varvatos approach translates the best vintage looks and tailoring techniques into an original style that is always relevant and unmistakably modern. “My philosophy is about reaching back to move forward,” says John.
“I have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new.” The designer credits his early obsession with rock music and the eclectic style of the artists as the catalyst for his interest in fashion. In a classic move, the first thing he does after leasing space for his Chelsea design studio is buy a killer audio system. Great music inspires his first collection and becomes a unifying theme in his design, seen to this day in every expression of the brand.
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Frank & Oak Men’s Clothing Online

Frank & Oak

The mission is simple at Frank & Oak: help a generation of men dress and live well. Frank & Oak began with an inventive approach to integrating design and technology – all for the purpose of helping men buy the clothes and accessories they crave at reasonable prices.

With the vertically integrated structure (meaning Frank & Oak do it all themselves), Frank & Oak stay clear of the clothing industry’s markups and middlemen. We’ve put ourselves in a position to ensure quality at every touch point.

In short: we can design and deliver quality every single month with the greatest attention to detail. Whether it’s the subtle engraving of a Frank & Oak button, or the entirety of our personalized experience, the goal is to make it remarkably easy for you to look good.

Constructing the perfect garment is no simple task, but one they’re committed to. From sourcing the highest quality cotton blends from the best mills around the world, to statistical analysis of fits and seasonal preferences, we’re personalizing your shopping experience for uncompromised quality and exceptional value.

What started as a team of two handling everything from photography to modeling quickly grew to a team of more than eighty people. It’s still day one though, and we’re looking to add even more motivated and talented people to bring Frank & Oak to the next step of its already staggering growth.

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Luxury Lane Womens, Mens and Childrens Clothing & Accessories

Luxury Lane

In 2006, husband and wife business partners Jessie and Ko Kiuchi founded Luxury Lane when they asked themselves why leather outerwear was so boring and uninteresting, yet so expensive!

At Luxury Lane, they’re committed to providing customers the highest level of service, a great product selection ranging from special occassion, classic and stylish fashion all for affordable prices. US based Luxury Lane employees design and develop all of the exclusive lines of Luxury Lane brands such as BGSD, Landing Leathers, Jessie G., and Phistic.  All products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for the entire life of the product.  We gladly accept all unworn, unwashed, or defective merchandise for a full refund.

Other private labels found along the way include “Landing Leathers” a military inspired outerwear label, “Cruzer” a motorcycle inspired outerwear, and “MODERM” a men’s only label geared towards the fashion conscious “modern man.”  Jessie immediately followed up with her “Jessie G.” line that targeted the fashion conscious woman, and the brand “phistic” with a focus on trendy and elegant special occassion dresses.

Stay tuned for the next private label that Jessie decides to do!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Differio menswear online shopping store


DIFFERIO is a thoughtful approach to men’s style, serving emerging designers and brands that will elevate any guy’s wardrobe. Our assortment offers a variety of price points, lifestyle needs, and wardrobe categories, including sportswear, denim, t-shirts, outerwear, shoes, and accessories. Shop the latest from emerging designers and brands including French Connection, Staff Jeans & Co, Glimms, Gregg Homme, The Hot Child Junk and more , and let our style guides help you find the items that fit your personal style.

Do you want to live in a world where men would wear the same clothes? A place where all men have the same style, wearing the same jeans, jackets and shirts?

Finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself. It’s about being connected with the very essence of YOU are and be confident about it. There is no greater feeling in life, no greater freedom, than to know that you can be yourself. Dare to be yourself and shop men’s clothes that express the unique and original person you are!

Color this life with designs and styles, and be the shining example of the beauty of diversity. Creating your own personal style is the art of combining an outfit, or an image if you will, based on the various aspects of your personality and lifestyle, which consists of: Your taste, interests, desires, inspirations, aspirations and history.

Shop men’s clothes, stylish fashion creations from New York’s best menswear online shopping store, Differio, Fashion Different.


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