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Netrition – The Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore

Netrition is the Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore.

The company was started in 1996 by two brothers who were into health and fitness and wanted to change the way you could access nutritional supplements.

In 1996, you had two options: go to GNC and pay full retail or go online and make a purchase from an unsecured site, where you were presented only with a listing of the brand and product name, and then pray you got what you thought you ordered. Sadly, most went to GNC and paid full retail.

That’s where Netrition came in. They brought consumers not just a listing of the brand and product name, but also a full product description with nutrition facts and an image.

This enabled the consumer to know exactly what they were going to get when placing an order at And it was done for a fraction of the cost one would pay at stores like GNC.

That, combined with lightning fast delivery and superior customer service has made the force in the nutritional supplement industry they are today.

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ElanVeda – Essential Oil Blends, Natural Herbal Supplements, Aromatherapy & Healthy Alternatives


ELANVEDA, Inc. an Ayurveda-influenced product manufacturer, created in response to personal medical challenges faced by founder and chief executive officer, Dan Palmer and his family. His exploration of alternative medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle laid the foundation of the company and its successful launch in late 2008.

ELANVEDA provides best-of-breed alternative medicine for everyday ailments; formulated using organic wild-crafted and all-natural herbs and essential oils. Products are formulated in response to specific requests from customers. The company uses the finest materials available and manufactures exclusively within the United States.

ELANVEDA is a trusted brand for health and wellness needs and is committed to bringing high quality products to market, assuring that the best formulas are offered.

Headquartered in Calabasas, California, ELANVEDA continues to create and sell a unique product mix while supporting education within the Ayurvedic community, and industry at large. The company welcomes innovative and collaborative partnerships, joint ventures, and active participation in socially responsible initiatives.

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