Prozis – Sports Nutrition and Food Supplements


ProzisĀ are Europe’s biggest and the World’s second biggest online retailer, shipping thousands of orders each day to thousands of clients.
On a daily basis, we send out more orders than all other online stores in Europe, which is why we are market leaders in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. In other European countries, our market share is also considerable.

Prozis purchase products in large quantities, directly from the brands’ laboratories, and sell directly to the end user. Furthermore, we have created our own brand that offers the best product quality and variety, at the lowest prices in the market. As our sales process is free of intermediaries, our reduced expenses present an advantage from which our clients benefit directly.
There is yet another reason that explains our incredibly low prices! The fact that we run a 100% online business allows the benefits of the internet to be transformed into benefits for our client. This means that we offer trust, quality, efficiency and obviously, low prices.

Each and every day, ProzisĀ guarantee a perfect online shopping experience, all the way from the first click while browsing the website until the unboxing of the order in your home.

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