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Shipito USA Address & Package Forwarding


Many products are much less expensive in the U.S.A. thanks to the weak dollar value and strong competition. Many U.S. sellers do not ship directly to international addresses. This is where Shipito can help  as now you can shop online on sites like eBay, Amazon and they will ship the packages to you. They can also assist with purchases and arrange payment if you do not own a credit card – how helpful!

How does it work?

Unfortunately, some stores do not offer shipping for international customers. We have solved that problem. You can shop in any U.S. store and have packages mailed to your new Shipito address. You can use multiple addresses available in all our Shipito warehouses, and even shop internationally.

When Shipito receive your package, they will notify you via email. All important seller and tracking number information will be entered so it will be easy for you to identify the package. We even take photo of the shipping label and whole package so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Postage to your country will be automatically calculated, and you can select what is the best shipping method for you. Once you select the shipping method and mailing schedule, we will ship your package. Feel free to use the Shipping Calculator to see your options right now.

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Snagshout – Snag Products by Writing Reviews


Snagshout is a social deals website that creates a connection between shoppers and brand owners. We partner with companies to bring shoppers great deals on new products on major retail websites, like We help shoppers discover new products, and encourage them to share their honest opinion with others.

Snagshout is a new form of marketing. Brand owners are giving their marketing directly to the consumers…those who actually use the products in real life! Our partners hope that the quality of their product speaks for itself. They know that real people and real opinions will sell their product better than any marketing they can produce.

Our goal with Snagshout is to create a close connection between shoppers and businesses. We want to personalize online shopping, and allow users to communicate in ways they wouldn’t have before. Join Snagshout. Promote your brand to a new market, and try products you never would have imagined.

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