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Shopping cart abandonment changing how online retailers provide the best offers

Shopping Cart Offers

When you’re shopping online and adding products to your cart or basket, if you leave before completing the purchase then the retailer knows and they want to do something about it. If a consumer has gone to the trouble of finding a product and committing to proceeding through the purchase path, it means they almost made a sale and want to know what stopped you.

Around $US4 trillion worth of merchandise was abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014 according to BI Intelligence estimates.

Both large and smaller online retailers have woken up and tried to combat this issue. Providing sound offers on the cart/basket page to entice the user to continue shopping is one method being used to engage the user further. Providing a clearer explanation of the checkout process, security procedures and making checkout details minimal are all areas every retailer is improving.

You may also notice an email is sent from some retailers if you have an abandoned shopping cart. It’s a numbers game – if only 1% of email recipients return to the site for a purchase then that’s a win for the retailer.

Often the bricks-and-mortar retailers like Target, Sears, Best Buy and Walmart aren’t as concerned as some shoppers will visit a physical store location to complete their purchase. In fact some retailers allow you to make the order to then collect and pay in-store. This also applies to consumers who are interested in viewing or trying the item in person before committing to buy. This certainly applies to clothing, some appliances and jewelry.

Even coupons and deals on shipping are being offered to help you make a purchase.

Next time you’re shopping at a top online retailer take note when you visit the basket page. You might find the best offers are saved for the checkout process.

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Finding the best online retailers

Online Shopping

Online shopping is all the rage now days with the number of electronics that connect to the internet. The number of products you have access to from your home without the need to leave to go shopping is phenomenal.

Using most electronic devices, online retailers provide you with a large number of products that can be easily accessed to making shopping online easier. We’ve compiled a brief list of the top retailers online so you will know where to go to find online products. lists products from all of the major retailers as well so if you’re looking for a particular product use the search feature which will let you see prices and availability all from one convenient website.

Top Retailers

The top retailers online are also the largest online retailers, and are extremely well known both on and off line. With big budgets they can afford to advertise everywhere which makes them household names. Many are also physical department stores which you may have grown up with. While some of these retailers specialize in many different products, others specialize in clothing and accessories.

The first retailer on the list is Amazon, they have a wide variety of products on their site including food, clothes, electronics, etc. In second place is Walmart, also providing a wide variety of different products. Followed by eBay which specializes in variety that can be either bought or bid on to purchase products. Kohl’s comes in fourth place and is one of the few online clothing retailers on the list. Best Buy also has a website which provides electronics and other technology needs to their customers.

The retailers that fell below the fifth space include Target at sixth place who supplies a variety of different products. Seventh place was taken by JC Penny which is another of the few online clothing retailers who also offers footwear as well. The eighth place was snagged by Macy’s who sells clothing, cosmetics, and many other products right from their website. Sears fell into ninth place and sells many different products including cosmetics, appliances, and so much more. Old Navy finishes off our list providing cloths and footwear on their site for men, women, and children. Each of these retailers has made a name for themselves and provides high quality products to their customers.

Retailer Customer Service

While there were so many other retailers on the list, the top ten best online retailers are also the biggest and provide not only high quality customer service but also high quality products for a reasonable price. These retailers pride themselves on the products and services that they provide and ensure that you are happy as a customer with them.

Most of online retailers have special features on their websites which allow you to create things like wish lists, wedding registries, baby registries, as well as the ability to create an account for free that you can save past orders and credit card information to make your shopping experience easier and more efficient.

This list was created to tell you who the best retailers are and who you should look to for your online shopping needs. These retailers have proved that they are the best and continue to lead other online retailers in the constant urge to provide the best products and services. Remember these sites when you shop for the holiday season.

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