list the greatest deals on Hotels and B&B & Apartments

Venere, leader in the online hotel reservations market, offers over 435,000 accommodations you can book online including hotels from 1 to 5 star luxury, b&bs, guesthouses, vacation rentals, country houses and more. features real-time rates, availability, special offers and the best deals on the web. All this with the help of over 1 million hotel reviews in 10 languages can really help you make a decision on where to book accommodation. features large, high resolution photos of each hotel’s exterior, interior and guest rooms, to give users a better idea of what they are booking. With an extremely user-friendly way to check availability on each page, allowing for quick and easy booking, you’re in good hands. Their solid reputation has been gained by helping travellers over many years as travel has become more affordable and people have become more savvy around booking hotels online. offers the deals and low rates online. All rates, promotional deals and weekend rates are managed directly by the hotels themselves which means you receive real-time information direct from the source and all viewed from one platform.

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