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Since its beginnings in a one-room office in Dallas, Texas in 1926, Haggar Clothing Co. has grown from a manufacturer of men’s fine dress pants and slacks, into one of the most recognized and original apparel brands in the market. Haggar coined the term “slacks” in 1938 and continued to lead menswear innovation with the introduction of pre-cuffed pants, wash and wear pants, expandable waist pants, forever-prest pants, and wrinkle-free cotton casual pants. Haggar is the first apparel company to advertise in national magazines and on TV, adopt EDI and UPC technologies, ship pants pre hung, invent the size strip sticker, and offer jackets and pants as suit separates. In addition to its Haggar brand, the company has developed and launched the highly successful and eco-friendly LK Life Khaki brand. Haggar is the “Official Clothing Partner of the Hockey Hall of Fame” and the “Official Provider of the Gold Jacket to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees since 1978.” Haggar Clothing Co. today commands the #1 market position in men’s dress pants in the United States, as well as the #2 share in men’s casual pants, and has been a leader in men’s apparel for over 85 years.

LK Life Khaki captures and celebrates the spirit of classic casual cool. A new American tradition that you can count on, time and time again, to help you get through whatever situation Life sends your way. Using an innovative blend of cotton and upcycled fibers, each pair of LK Life Khaki pants contains the equivalent of seven post-consumer plastic bottles, making Haggar one of the first major menswear manufactures to produce apparel designed to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. The Haggar LK Life Khaki brand crosses barriers by appealing to men of all ages and attitudes through style, performance, innovation, and quality. We take the mystery out of looking great, and make sure you put your best foot forward from the very start of your daily Life adventure

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