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Anjay Designs Rings

Anjays Designs is built on a simple idea: to make sure you are supplied with the highest quality products at the lowest prices with a large selection.

With over 25 years of experience making custom jewelry, Anjays Designs are sure to have something you like and if not, simply supply photos and your ideas and Anjays can custom make anything you like.

At Anjays Designs you’ll find high-quality 14K, Platinum and Diamond jewelry. Only our 14K Platinum and Diamond Jewelry can be enjoyed for many years.

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BaubleBar Fashion Jewelry Necklaces, Bracelets, Earring, Rings


BaubleBar was started with a single mission – create the ultimate source for fashion jewelry by offering unparalleled selection and shoppable style guidance, all at a guilt-free price point

It seemed simple enough…as shoppers the founders of BaubleBar couldn’t help but feel as though retailers treated jewelry as an after-thought, a fact that was apparent by the shopping experience. So we set out to fix it.

How do BaubleBar do it? They strip out the overhead and source our product directly, to avoid any middleman mark-up. Did you know most retailers mark jewelry up as high as 20x above cost?

The direct access provides even more flexibility than just price: it lets BaubleBar work closely with suppliers to introduce new products on a constant basis, and to tailor their selection based on real-time feedback provided from….you guessed it…BaubleBar shoppers! When you talk, BaubleBar listen. Browse new arrivals weekly, not seasonally, based on what you want to see.

We hope you love shopping BaubleBar as much as we love buying from them as well. They’re a hit with our office staff and follow them closely, as new products are always being released. The BaubleBar business model is to quickly identify and merchandise trending products using data from its website, thus capitalizing on popular styles before its competitors do which means you can get a jump on everyone else!

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