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At Treetopia® they march to the beat of a different drummer boy. Just as fashion designers never stop creating new styles, their designers never take a break from crafting the latest and greatest trends in distinctive and high quality artificial Christmas trees. Our customers have a keen fashion sense, so we strive to provide them with trees that can truly EXPRESS their individual personalities.

Let them know if you have an idea for a new product that you’d like to see added to the Treetopia® line-up at [email protected] We’re here to help you make a statement, after all.

So Treetopia®… So Quality!

Here at Treetopia®, we offer the widest selection of colorful and camera-worthy Christmas trees. In fact, our trees have been seen on the sets of some of your favorite shows, like Good Morning America, and have caught the attention of celebrities like Rachael Ray. Just because we give our customers a product that is fun doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. Every tree, from our Pretty in Pink Tree to our Silver Stardust Tree, is made from the finest materials around. They even offer a 5-year warranty on all non-clearance foliage, and a 2-year warranty on lights. Forget the cheap, colorful junk of Christmases past; purchasing a Treetopia tree is an INVESTMENT in many chic holidays to come.

And don’t think the only holiday we’re talking about is Christmas. From Halloween to Easter and any self-proclaimed holiday or celebration in between, we have you covered. Our premium colorful Christmas trees are sure to delight and impress guests with their high-quality, vibrant hues. Don’t worry—we also have an impressive selection of good ol’ fashioned green artificial Christmas trees when only that classic look will do. So, whether it’s a sassy, classy, sweet, or funky tree you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

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