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IdentityIQ provides Identity Theft and Credit Protection crafted for you. We live in a world where your personal information is everywhere. Criminals are most effective when their victims are uninformed. Identity theft protection puts control back in your hands.

Daily credit monitoring offers insight when changes are made to your credit report profile. When your report is delivered, check it thoroughly for inaccuracies and a team of U.S.-based customer service professionals will assist you with your questions if anything looks suspicious. Regular credit checks combined with the power of credit monitoring empowers you to see changes and act quickly if something unexpected happens.

Whether you are looking for a 1-bureau credit report or a complete view of your credit report profile from each of the 3 credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax), our products are designed to meet your needs.

Suspicious changes in your credit report are one of the first indications that your information may have been compromised. Take a look at your credit report and verify all of your information. We believe checking your report regularly is so important that you have access to 12 reports per year (on select plans), which is something our competition does not offer.

IdentityIQ’s mission is to provide peace of mind to people at different stages of their financial lifecycle and to inform, protect, alert and assist customers in the event of identity theft or credit report issues. They educate, offer product combinations in different price ranges, provide unlimited online service, and work with customers to help fix identity and credit problems.

With 4 different protection plans, you have great choice when it comes to your needs.

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