Trying to find the best Headphones?

Best Headphones

With so many Headphone products available it can be daunting to find the best Headphones you need at a price-point you’re happy with.

The first decision you need to make is how you’re most likely going to use your headphones. If you’re into high impact sports or situations where having a chunky set of Headphones is going to be a problem then a smaller set of Earbuds might be a better choice. On the flipside Earbuds can become uncomfortable after a period which is why headband Headphones have become so popular the past few years.

Next consider your main audio source. Most dedicated MP3 players & some smartphones produce sound quite well however other sources such as lower-quality smartphones and computers may not provide a sound quality you’d expect. If you pair up a low quality audio source with an expensive set of Headphones you will most likely be disappointed with your purchase.

With those two factors considered (usability & audio source) then price is your next guide to deciding what Headphone to purchase. There’s quite a range from under $20 up to $2000 for wireless, Noise-canceling custom-fit headband Headphones. If you skip the price-point decision and go straight for specific audio qualities or finish of the band (eg. leather) then you may be surprised when you come around to finding a product in your price bracket.

Some other useful features to keep an eye out include:

  • A microphone – especially if you plan on listing to music from your phone
  • Sound ranges – if you’re a R&B fan then look for Headphones with powerful bass
  • Sealed headphones – limits the leakage of the sound from the Headphones out to the room
  • Cables – the length and features (eg. play/skip/pause control) are all dependent on where you’ll use your Headphones

The news has been abuzz about Beats by Dre Headphones which have been a leader in the Headphone space for a number of years. They are good, but with so much competition it can be tough to say they’re better than other brands. Sennheiser, JVC, Philips, Sony and Bose are only a few of the other major brands you’ll find through ShopBrand and our suppliers.

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